Hello Bastards: i figli so’ piezz’hardcore – Puntata 2.10– 31 marzo 2014

Finalmente online  una puntata storica di Hello bastards: livello altissimo, ospite, pop-punk maffo, dissing in diretta e rissa finale a sorpresa.

I dont’ wanto to go to school no more (Highschool Dropouts)

I’m a contrarian (Dan Vapid and the Cheats)

Turning 25 was shit (Muderburgers) Ayn (Capitalist Kids)

To the sheets (Broadway Calls)

Plan Honolulu (Manges)

Big yellow taxi (Pinhead Gunpowder)

She’s not disposable (Sludgeworth)

Let’s get outta here (DeeCracks)

Let’s go baby (Yum Yums)

The lakes (20 Belows)

Summer of life (McRackins)