Hello bastards: i figli sò piezz’hardcore – Puntata 2.3 – 12 Novembre 2013

3 A.M. (Teenage Bubblegums)
Keep on knocking (Death)
I think about you during the commercials (Riverdales)
Just a little love (Leeches)
What I like about you (The Romantics)
Clap your hands and stamp your feet (Bonnie St. Claire Unit Gloria)
Dune Buggy (Manges & Chromosomes)
Bedlam (Scream)
Cool nice future (I Was a Teenage Alien)
No one likes a snitch (Head)
See Saw (Jay Reatard)
Rest assured (Lemonheads)
Radio station (Breakaways)
Lexicon devil (Germs)