Hello bastards: ifigli so’ piezz’hardcore – Puntata 2.2 – 29 Ottobre 2013

I’m waiting for the man (Velvet Undeground)

Maybe it’s all over now (Giuda)

Pray for rain (Ergs)

I need my mommy to my loundry (The Young Rochelles)

Freedom song (Randy)

Queen of the scene (Secretions)

Tonight we fly (20/20)

Poliisi pumpattaa taas (Eppu Normaali)

Russian roulette (Apache)

Brandt’s retarded (The Invalids)

$ 100 bill (Mount Whateverest)

Lucy is a Neanderthal (Somethingtons)

I’ll drink to this love song (Angry Samoans)

Beverlywood (Symbol Six)

Confetti bizzard (The Sensibles)