Peace & Dance meets FORT KNOX FIVE

Sid Barcelona, Jon Horvath, Rob Myers and Steve Raskin are the masterminds behind the FORT KNOX FIVE. Their signature Fort Knox Sound seamlessly interweaves live instrumentation with funky electronic breakbeats. The FORT KNOX FIVE have the midas touch for producing heavy hitting records. Since 2003, they have released an arsenal of floor rocking singles and […]


Peace & Dance – Zurbriggen in the mix – Balkan loves skiing

This is balkan beat from Italy with Zurbriggen aka Zurbriggen. Mixing records all over the hyperspace, Zurbriggen is one of the most popular dj and producer of the deep web. In this performance his tunes will move your ass and your mind into the happy circus of balkan crazy party.  


Peace & Dance – Gypsy Box is in the mix (Balkan loves cumbia)

Check out the view of the Balkans from Spain with @Abel Gipsy aka Gypsy Box. His forte is fusing the folk styles of the Southeast European cultural crossroads with the most eclectic sounds of contemporary electronic music. A master of dance-floor filling, he has already brought his sound to clubs and festivals all over the […]


Peace & Dance – DJ Makala in the mix

Mikel Unzurrunzaga Schmitz aka DJ Makala from Donostia-San Sebastián (Basque Country, Europe) is a versatil musician, producer & remixer. Makala’s music is very eclectic, mainly full of hot caribbean & tropical sounds, always a great mixture of classic & modern musical selections coming from different styles like Latin, Boogaloo, Cumbia, Gipsy Rhumba, Afro, Soul, Funk, […]


Peace & Dance – BalkanHotsteppers in the mix

Formed back in 2006 by Belgian DJ’s Sam Rabam and Typsy Gypsy, the infamous @BalkanHotsteppers release trendsetting mixtapes combining modern beats with classical Balkan, gypsy and klezmer melodies and mashing it up with hip-hop. They soon became a standard in the evergrowing European BalkanBeats scene.  


Peace & Dance – Rafiralfiro in the mix

Rafael Aragón aka Rafiralfiro is a latin/arabic rooted french musician / dj / composer / producer, born & raised in Paris. His music has a very special, magic touch inspired by the ancient traditions of shamanism from all around the world. Mystic chimes, ritual drums and witchcraft incantations meet club kicks, filthy basslines and electronic […]


Peace & Dance – Madsoundsystem in the mix

Questa settimana alla consolle Roberto Ranghieri aka Madsoundsystem. Dj milanese mischia tutti i generi in assenza di regole ma è specializzato in sonorità balcaniche, gipsy, asian, swing, klezmer e folk, tutte contaminate da bassi ed elettronica. Un set virtuoso e spiazzante che con sapiente follia trasporta il pubblico in territori inaspettati, dal sottosuolo di vecchie città […]