Peace&Dance meets Zenoção

Zenoção is a live djset artist from Sao Paulo Brasil. In portuguese Zenocao is a pun referred to an absurd state of mind, an agitation in a zen way. Transiting many styles, tones and textures, travels through Deep Techno, Slow House, Latinamerica, AmerÌndio, Cumbia, Brazilian, Afrofuturism, Selva, EletroXamanic, Ethnobeats and Andefltep. Abusing of experimentalism, it […]


Peace & Dance: Zurbriggen is back Playin’ Electro Blues

Mixing records all over the hyperspace, Zurbriggen is one of the most popular dj and producer of the deep web. In this performance he is pumping the dancehall with crazy Electro Blues sound.


Peace & Dance plays Electro Blues with Ecklectic Mick

Ecklectic Mick AKA Mick Kelly is the 68 year old ex Goldsmith College painter who has swapped his paintbrush for an electric pipe. Hailing from Wild West Wales, he started producing Electro Swing and Cowboy Swing before moving onto pioneering the latest vintage remixed sound of Electro Blues. Fresh to the World of DJing Eclectic […]

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Peace & Dance meets Adarì

Adarì aka Andrea David Rizzi, London based DJ, nato a Varese e cresciuto tra Sardegna, Lazio e Lombardia si avvicina alla musica fin da piccolo apprendendo a suonare chitarra, clarinetto e saxofono fino alla scoperta della musica elettronica: prima DnB e poi House, Techno fino ad arrivare alla Psy-Trance Progressive e Dark Progressive. Si avvicina […]


Peace & Dance meets Dr. Smedi Secer – Goulash Disko Mixtape

Obsessive-compulsive digger and turntable rocker, Dr. Smedi Secer (AKA. Dr. Brown Sugar) is known for covering a wide spectrum of music from all over the World and beyond. In his thoroughly eclectic freestyle presentations of hard syncopated organic rhythms the dancers are always up for a complete surprise as the party can go in any […]


Peace & Dance meets Waggles in the mix

Young and talented Irish Dj, Waggles cut his teeth in Bristol and makes the crowd dancing on the most prestigious dance floors all over Europe. In this mix Waggles add, chop, season and funkanize the floor of the Goulash Disko Festival with endless grin-tastic tunes, which is said to manoeuvre like a MonkeyDonkey on heat. […]


Peace & Dance – DJ Hiphoppapotamus in the mix

DJ Hiphoppapotamus has created his own unique party vibe by infusing Latin, Caribbean and Afro styles into his tastefully produced selections of Breaks, House, Drum & Bass and Hiphop. Sunshine music for the masses! Exotic flavours, soulful melodies and party beats, the happy hippo always brings the sunshine no matter what the weather.


Peace & Dance meets Al Lindrum in the mix

Danish producer, DJ and promoter Al Lindrum has long been on the electronic scene, quietly devoted his life’s vocation merging various archaic and modern elements of dance music. This mixtape recorded at EKG in September 16 is the unmistakable Al Lindrum sound, merging world music roots with the hypnotic rhythm of electronics.  


Peace & Dance meets DJ Farrapo

Picanha Beats, na cozinha do DJ Farrapo Italian dj Giorgio Cencetti is DJ Farrapo, musician and producer. His solid reputation as a dj has seen him perform in clubs all over Europe. His research and production style is influenced by his love of traditional music from all over the world and he has perfected a […]


Peace&Dance – The Silly Tang in the mix

The Silly Tang in person Philou Pezard has been ripping dancefloors for the last 5 years all accross the UK channel. Playing alongside names such as DJ randall or J-Man in the jungle world and rocking up some gypsy folk next to names such as balkan hotsteppers or Innamorati. He has now settled to live […]