Peace & Dance plays Electro Blues with Ecklectic Mick


Ecklectic Mick AKA Mick Kelly is the 68 year old ex Goldsmith College painter who has swapped his paintbrush for an electric pipe. Hailing from Wild West Wales, he started producing Electro Swing and Cowboy Swing before moving onto pioneering the latest vintage remixed sound of Electro Blues. Fresh to the World of DJing Eclectic Mick has already achieved an impressive roster playing his unique brand of music to packed out clubs and festival tents.


Il primo e secondo giovedì del mese alle 22, global groove "in the mix" Ritmi da ogni parte del mondo selezionati e remixati da dj emergenti della scena Global Beat. Una festa in movimento in cui il mix dei differenti stili, rigorosamente in battuta, dà vita ad una incontenibile onda danzante. Give Peace a Dance!

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