Peace & Dance meets Dr. Smedi Secer – Goulash Disko Mixtape


Obsessive-compulsive digger and turntable rocker, Dr. Smedi Secer (AKA. Dr. Brown Sugar) is known for covering a wide spectrum of music from all over the World and beyond. In his thoroughly eclectic freestyle presentations of hard syncopated organic rhythms the dancers are always up for a complete surprise as the party can go in any direction imaginable. Be it psychedelic oriental belly dance music, Yugoslavian disco or heavily distorted garage rock, it all fits with koto drum solos from the far east, hard salsa and jazz-funk records sounding like they were pressed on another planet.



Il primo e secondo giovedì del mese alle 22, global groove "in the mix" Ritmi da ogni parte del mondo selezionati e remixati da dj emergenti della scena Global Beat. Una festa in movimento in cui il mix dei differenti stili, rigorosamente in battuta, dà vita ad una incontenibile onda danzante. Give Peace a Dance!

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