STEPS : Bruxelles : Alek et les Japonaises

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Bruxelles: un brussellese e una giapponese in tour in Italia ci raccontano la loro città in una puntata decisamente movimentata. per mappe foto e indicazioni.

la tracklist ce la spiegano direttamente loro qui di seguito.

 Jenny” from our album KOKEKOKKO, because it’s in Italian…
- “Tori no karaage” also from the same album, because it’s popy…
And 3 from other bands we listened during the tour…
Nao Vá Se Perder Por Aí” from Os Mutantes. It’s a Brazilian band from the ’70s. Very nice one!
– “Simbioticos” from another Brazilian band called Kassin+2. They are 3 people and made 3 albums. The band name changed everytime but always with a +2. They are from Rio and more recent (2007 for this album).
-  “Techno toujours pareil” from a French band called Salut c’est cool. We played many times with them and they are really creasy and good. It’s a techno like the ’90s but funny.”


Un ospite, la sua città, cinque luoghi e tre canzoni per conoscerli. Una domenica al mese dalle 20,30 alle 21.

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